Proteins meet Silicon
Looking for a common language for Biology, Chemistry and Physics during the 2nd Workshop held at Enea
(Rome) The 2nd Workshop on Chemical Sensors and Biosensors, organised by ENEA C.R. Casaccia, University of Rome "La Sapienza" and CNR "Area della Ricerca di Roma", was held in Rome at the Conference Hall of the ENEA research center "La Casaccia" on March 18th-19th 1999.

Several institutes and companies from Italy participated with up-to-date scientific presentations. The eight sessions have been chaired from experienced scientists in the fields of chemical sensors, biosensors, molecular biology, analytical methodologies in environment, food and health. Scientific papers (with graphics, images and text in PDF) are available on the workshop CDrom and browseable by author name, keywords and titles.

Statistics - 130 participants attended to the workshop. They came from 19 italian cities and from abroad (England, Czech Rep. and Germany...continue

The most interesting scientific web-sites of the participating institutions, labs, groups and companies are available for off-line navigation. Only essential web-pages for each site on the CD and, because they were downloaded on August 1999, a look for updated version is needed. This CD-rom was realised with the aim of promoting knowledge and collaboration between several groups in Italy and abroad leading to fusion of different disciplines. The Address Book (e-mail)of the participants is also available.
Workshop is still open and operating  with a NewsLetter and seminars held in ENEA Casaccia: have a look please at our Seminar Room

News from the Workshop (Energia Ambiente e Innovazione 1999 (3, June) - The needs of the global market and sustainable growth require a notable effort for broadening current detecting potential in the fields of quality products , environment monitoring and health protection. Sensors and biosensors represent powerful tools of ever increasing... continue (italian)

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