Bernhard:"I'm able to screw without looking at the device!!!".....

"Where the device is? I am sure It was here 2 min. ago! Perhaps the device is below this spot of grease..... 
....... Yes here it is"

Roberto:"Thanks, Bernhard, but I don't really want hot potatoes. Bernhard:"They are not hot potatoes but perfectly circular french fries!"

Sensor at work (at the lunch time)
  • Carlo:"We have to discuss about atrazine as a senzor of polymer porosity". JF:"Yes, but only if we suppose temperature to be constant at 0.0000001°C" Colin:"We also could be able to measure temperature in presence of atrazine 1g/l, but porosity has to be controlled and toluene should be at trace level". Victor:"Mumble, Mumble" 


    Bernhard:"Michiel is known to be an expert of acoustic sensors but today he is doing a lot of work with the digital camera". Andrew:"Perhaps he is thinking to change his research work from audio to video sensors!". Gulam "Video sensors? Perhaps, I could see MMP also with them!"

    Vladimir:".... and you can see the alarm light is on as I switch off the system" 

    Vladimir:"....and also,as the power suplly is disconnected, the light is always on..... If  I'm able to extract the floppy disk from Roberto's notebook I can show you how to control the light with a very simple program"

    Vladimir:"The light will be still on if the system is not used but manual operation is perfomed...."
    Elsa:"I don't know how calculation has to be done for obtaining the standard deviation of "one sample experiments" on plasma ablation". 

    Roberto:"Everything is OK, except for my electrodes"

    Bernhard:"Are you sure the device has to be tested from Roberto?"