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Training ProductsOur training courses on Electrochemical Biosensors are addressed to young researchers from Italy or from abroad. Training courses on Immobilization Techniques, Screen Printing Technology, Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) with biosensors, are available at this moment. From three weeks (minimum) to six months. Our labs, instrumentation, documentation and skill are shared and exchanged with the company which pay a salary, board and lodging to its young researchers.

Science and Technology ProductsWe are able to print different materials on plastic substrates, to assemble electrochemical screen printed biosensors for any requirement, enbedded for any purpose from disposable devices to long term monitoring devices. Our products are available if your interest agrees with ours. Collaboration can occur also by means of a training course for a young rsearcher directed to the specific topic in our lab.Digital Publishing ProductsThis site on CD-RomAn introduction to Molecular Imprinting: CD-Rom of Mimics ProjectChemical Sensors and Biosensors: Proceeding of the 2ndItalian Workshop (450pp)Digital version of Proceeding of the 2nd Italian Workshop (CD-Rom)Digital version of Proceeding of the 2nd Italian Workshop (Web-site)

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