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LogoIAEACEnglishISEAC36 International Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Rome 2010

English BBMEC2004
International Workshop on Biosensors and BioAnalytical micro-Techniques in Environmental and Clinical Analytical Chemistry, Rome 2004)

English National Biosensor Workshop (Rome, 1999)

Italiano Corso "Sensori e Biosensori" CalPark (2002)

English A Young Person Guide to Electrochemical Biosensors Lab (2003) with / without animations

CosmicLogoEnglish COSMIC Project Old Site - COuplingSmart Molecules Into Chips (2004-2008)


LogoMimicsEnglish MIMICS Project Molecular Imprinting (1996-1999)




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Italiano Website story (strip cartoon)

Italiano Pasquinate

ItalianoGloriosa B del Liceo Archimede

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